Thursday, August 27, 2009

Captain's Blog—Parts Unknown

Stardate: Thursday

I have been authorized by the admiral to go on a 30 hour reconnaissance mission. I'm grateful for a chance to explore beyond the facility, but the little people are definitely suspicious about my planned absence.

Coded message received by the admiral at 1200 hours:

The melted chocolate ice cream is on top of the refrigerator.


  1. Captain, once all little people are secure, punch in coordinates to next mission, secure needed gear and fuel to complete mission. Must proceed due north approximately 45 miles. Do not forget flat box that opens to reveal letters and numbers, it is needed to accomplish our objective. Warning, this message will self destructive. Little people must not learn details of assignment. "Operation Scribble" will soon go down.

  2. Operation Scribble? I thought this was write not scribble. Or did you mean scrabble. I hope the operation is a success. I hate do do without my star captain for no good reason.

    Admiral of the Fleet

  3. I mourn the loss of the chocolate ice cream. It was never destined to melt on the top of the refrigerator.