Thursday, August 13, 2009

Captain's Blog—It's a Hard Job

Stardate: Thursday

Being the captain is a hard job. When there's a spider on the ceiling, guess who they come to? When they can't find articles of clothing, guess who they come to? When the toilet overflows, guess who they come to?

I realized recently that the admiral of the fleet is evidently so awe-inspiring that the little people rarely approach him for anything, even if the captain is on the phone. Rarely, that is, unless they think they will obtain a more favorable answer, in which case they quickly go over the head of the captain.

(Beware, little people. This only works when communication systems are on the fritz. You could be court-martialed for less.)

Ensign! Where's my chocolate?


  1. Hi, Mom. This is Kathryn. True, I do come to you when you're on the phone, but I don't go to one parent or the other for a more favorable answer. Nathan and Carissa do that. By the way, who's your ensign? If you're looking for the chocolate chips, they're in the an old pickle jar in the kitchen cabinet. They're calling you.

  2. You can send your ensign over here any time!

  3. Hilarious!...Beth, I am so entertained by your posts!