Sunday, August 23, 2009

Captain's Blog—Drifting in Space

Okay adults. It's time to use your imagination to cross the time-space continuum and get back to real time Chicago. As a special feature today, we have no stardate. (I suspect that grading advanced math burned out my hyperdrive engines, so I'm probably drifting in space somewhere.)

We had a great weekend. I've never been to a three-day-long wedding. It's worth noting. I'll probably have to go into cake rehab, though, because as with all weddings, there was a lot to begin with and it seemed like even more left over. If Jesus really wanted to feed large crowds of people, I'm surprised He didn't use wedding cake. It seems to multiply on its own, no matter how much of the stuff you give away. However, it probably wouldn't have been a miracle in that case, and it's definitely is not as nutritional as bread and fish. Still, there is something appealing about layers of chocolate with more chocolate and raspberry between them.

It is a known scientific fact that women cannot have too many shoes or too much chocolate. Thus, shoes and chocolate have a lot in common. However, the resemblance pretty much ends there since shoes do not melt when put on your feet and chocolate does.

Can you tell I'm tired of grading papers. One week of school down. 37 to go.

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  1. I personally would take shoes over chocolate any day! :)