Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Stepping back

I think I enjoy portraits because the human face is so amazing in it's range of expression. Here's my latest project, which I was working on today. While I'm working, I sometimes lose touch with the portrait as a whole, but in order to take this progression photo, I had to step back. I immediately noticed problems, which I'll have to correct tomorrow. Can you see them, too?

Sunday, July 28, 2013

The idea binder

I've found that while face painting children, it's helpful to have a binder of designs for them to look at. I have a second binder which I use for myself if I need a reference for some reason. Here are some pages from my binder.

Monday, July 15, 2013

Summer, slow down!

This summer started with a bang when we went to San Antonio for Kathryn's BMT (Basic Military Training) graduation.
This is us at the Alamo. We had never been there before.
I highly recommend the River Walk. It's beautiful.
Then we had a family reunion in northern Wisconsin.
First we visited Carme and Dale.

Then we drove to the campgrounds and pitched Susan's tent.
(I'm glad she won it, because our old one was squashed during a storm.)

There were 117 relatives at the reunion.
This was the talent show Tuesday night.

Then we had Bible Camp at church. I was on the craft team this year. On the last day they had a blow up water slide, freeze pops, and an epic water balloon battle. (I missed the water balloon battle because I had to go look for something in the building, and that's when they started it.)

I wish the summers didn't go by so quickly!