Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Captain's Blog—Turkey Nebula dead ahead

Stardate: turkey baster

Powering up engines for the challenge of the Turkey Nebula. Have told the ensigns to set phasers on preheat and to quit drooling on their uniforms. We believe relatives will be beaming in on Thursday in order to participate in Turkey Nebula reconnaissance mission.

A captain's job is never done.

Saturday, November 13, 2010

A word

My husband has been nagging me about posting, and since it's been over a month, I have to say that he's right. But it's not like I've been lazy, or anything. I've been writing for, posting to the Last Draft blog, and writing two novels. Gee, it's like I'm going to have big bulging finger muscles after this month. (Did I mention that it's Nanowrimo?)

Captain's Blog—Under attack!

Stardate: It's raining

We are defending our position, but the leaf creatures are closing in everywhere. Shields failing! Quick! Grab a rake!