Friday, December 28, 2012

Unveiling the surprises

So I've been sitting on these images and not able to share them until they were delivered to the new owners, but now I can let you see them. Woo hoo! They were fun to do. I can't wait until my next drawing. Who will it be?

Someone hired me right before Thanksgiving to do this portrait. Normally I'm a slow painter, since I tend to build in thin layers of color, so I had to push myself out of my comfort zone to get it done in time. Also, there was the possibility of more last-minute work which could show up at any moment (and did), so I was glad that I kept pushing and made the deadline. 

I knew about this project months before we actually found the right photo to draw. It was hard because it was a secret, but it was so worth it when the right image came in. A good photo to work from makes all the difference in a portrait!

As soon as I saw the baby's expression, I thought, "That's Winston Churchill!" Of course it wasn't really, but he did look kind of imperious, all the same. It's as though he takes life far more seriously than his older sibling who is in the middle of a belly laugh! Children are fabulous to draw!

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