Sunday, October 18, 2009

Laundry Attack!

Do you realize the kind of laundry a family of six can generate? Single people just can't fathom it. Future mothers and dads (mostly mothers because we know they're the real laundry engineers), don't say you weren't warned.

We were gone for four days plus a day of travel. That's five. For a family of six, that means we generated in the sock department alone, 60 dirty socks. If you consider all the other items of clothing, it's a veritable wonder we don't need a periscope to take in the world at large by the time we got home. And since this is cold weather, there are jackets and coats, some of which were closely associated with horses and cats (and even a dead raccoon) in various barns and pastures.

(But let's look at the bright side. None of us hunt. Otherwise, I'd be doing an orange load like half of the mothers in Wisconsin.)


  1. Look out! More dirty socks at three o'clock! And then some more at 9 o'clock.

  2. I used to do a whole red load from all the Nebraska shirts and sweatshirts Dave and the kids wore.

  3. That is hilarious, I like the "orange" laundry reference.