Thursday, October 8, 2009

Captain's Blog—Mission Draws Near

Stardate: Thursday

As the mission to the outer quadrant draws near, nerves are taut. There are bags to pack. There is the ship to load. Questions arise. Will we get a signal on our cell phone in the outer reaches? Most importantly, will we make it to our secret destination, code name, Grandma's House? We hope so.

There is lefsa at stake.


  1. When are you departing and when do you return?

  2. Lefsa at stake? We must make it to our secret deatination!

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  4. Christine, how can you ask such a question? Are you a spy for the Wisconsin Quadrant? Someone check her out. Keep an eye on that applesauce. We don't want any of their spies absconding with some. Post a guard over the supply at Starbase Peaceful Oaks. Ask the chickens about her. I know they're always watching.