Friday, September 11, 2009

Captain's Blog—Cookie Vultures at Three O'clock

Stardate: Friday

It became necessary to lay in a supply of chocolate chip cookies today. Almost immediately the cookie vultures, another strange species of this planet, swooped in to get their share. I had to fend them off with a spatula and an oven mitt. Although I sustained no wounds, several cookies were consumed before I could get them into freezer bags.


  1. Note from the Admiral of the Fleet. The cookies are best straight from the oven thus the unusually heavy attack from the vultures. They know when best to get them from the delicious aroma coming from the galley. I find that I may have to side with the enemy on this one. I even took a test from the precooked batch to sample. Very good.

    Please be sure to send some of the frozen ones back to fleet HQ so we can sample them and make sure there are no space spores in them. A large sample may be required.

  2. From ensign number 2:
    I thoroughly agree with the Admiral, those cookies are best straight from the oven. I really think the cookie vultures know what they're doing when it comes to your choclate chip cookies.