Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Captain's Blog—Deep in the Bowels of the Facility

Stardate: Wednesday

We had a near mutiny today when the crew found out there was no hot water. Fortunately, it is easier to find a hot water heater repairman than it is to find a transporter repairman. I was reminded of such a search for repairmen when I found the original log to the space ship Genesis in the bowels of the facility. I was transported back to Faith the Final Frontier in the Omega Quadrant. Those were some fun days!

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  1. Admiral of the fleet here. I have fond memories of my time as Captain of that ship. I do recall that we never found a repair man for that transporter till after we had all gone down to the planet. With all the problems we had had for the previous week it's a wonder we all made it down to the planet. But then you showed up. And now after all these years you have made it from transporter repair to being the captain of your own ship.