Saturday, July 18, 2009

Let Us Eat Cake

This is two posts in one day, which I shouldn't be doing. Someone might get the idea that I blog all day long, and then where will we be.

I finished grading Chemistry!!!!!

Let's have a cake to celebrate!!!!! (Next Wednesday, since I'm sworn off sugar for a week. I can dream until then.)

On a side note, I have agreed with a friend to give up sugar for a week while she gives up bread. (I think I have the easier end of this partnership.) Alas, when I got into the 40s I realized my metabolism wasn't quite keeping up. This project is in the interest of losing about 3 to 5 pounds so I can be just where I want to be. Not that I'll do that in a week, but if I can shake the sugar, I could potentially do that in the end. It has been a tough row to hoe so far, but it helps that I'm writing down what I eat and the calories involved. It also helps that our riding lawnmower is now working right now, so we're all taking turns hitting 2.5 acres with a push mower which is NOT self-propelled.

While pushing, I meditate on the fact that there are people who shell out hard-earned cash to make themselves sweat like I am doing right in the comfort of my own yard.


  1. Good for you! Bananas help. So does a teaspoon of honey. :)

  2. I want you to know I had a hot dog WITHOUT a bun for dinner and some blueberries. You sure got the easy end of this! I also rode my bike today for about five miles. I had a coughing attack after finishing two steep hills. Then I remembered, why am I doing this while I still have symptoms???

    Keep up the good work in your SUGAR FREE WORLD!

  3. Although I detect sarcasm and bitterness in your comment, I would have to agree that I definitely did get the easy end. Even though I cannot have sugar, I can have things that are sweet that do not contain raw sugar, i.e. fruit, fruit juice, raisins, etc.

    But good work on the bike riding. I walked a mile and a half with Kathryn and Susan on the track tonight to help wear off the Trader Joe's Chicken Mango Sausage (170 calories) with which I decided not to eat the bun also.

    It is not easy to look the other way when your family is enjoying a nice bowl of Breyers Cookies and Cream, however.

  4. Welcome back Kathryn and Susan! Don't let your mom eat sugar! JK :)

  5. I should probably go without sugar but that's hard when you are on the road for business. It's in all the fast food and most of the sit down restaurants. However I need to loose 35 pounds not 3 to 5.