Friday, June 5, 2009

Whew. Busy, busy, busy. School is almost done, but we're still working on a few tail-ends (Chemistry). For those of you who are interested in our progress on the little townhouse we bought to fix up and resell, it's coming along fine. The granite countertops are beautiful. I look at my own 50's laminate with metal edge and sigh. But the kitchen is almost done, so I'm glad. I feel like I've been mom at a distance for the past few weeks. I'll be finishing the painting upstairs and then my personal portion will be about finished. (Hurray!!!)

Honestly, I don't have a lot to share today. We said good bye to our good friends, the Bochs, since tomorrow they set out for the East. I mowed lawn (a good time for thinking), and burned brush (more thinking), and roasted hot dogs (because it seemed like a good use for the burning brush). I chased chickens because they seem to think my hastas are gourmet salad which magically pops out of the ground. The magic is almost over, thanks to them. I am very relieved that they do not care for iris or peonies.

Although I've had to lay aside writing just long enough to get that townhouse done, several manuscripts are currently out: Diabolical Chickens, Cluck Lays an Egg, and Hogwash. One is ready to go: Melba Sue and the Cactus Kid. A few are in the works, particularly Mule Hollow and Q (about quantum physics). The quantum one is a slow go, unless anyone out there knows a quantum physicist I can talk to a little.

Anyway, I'm off to paint. Have a great evening!

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