Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Naming a writing group is going to be harder than I thought

Gee, who knew that blogs could be so much fun. They're nothing like going to the dentist, or anything like that. No wonder so many people blog. 

Our writers' critique group got together this week after a couple of weeks off, and we're trying to think of a good name for ourselves, now that we've been meeting for over a year. We didn't agree on anything yet, but we're open to suggestions. (What we did agree on was that it should be clever, so that means our work is cut out for us.)

Wishful Inking
Forty Inks
Positive Inking

Definitely Nots:
The Ink of Disaster
I Ink Not
Just Write It
Write, Right?
Mrs Always Write
Dead to Writes
A Word in the Hand...


  1. Forty Inks would go along with 39 Steeps.....

  2. I actually liked, "Wishful Inking". I have been racking my brain trying to think of a good one.