Monday, September 20, 2010

Normal Mom Blog—Mission Possible

Stardate: Does it really matter?

This is a normal mom blog, so the stardate isn't important. Suffice it to say we're deep in school year territory, having completed our first month in the trenches. I'm back in writing mode, and have been able to post regularly on The Last Draft, but only semi-regularly on my page. I'm back to making steady progress on my book, but not enough to satisfy my avid family readers. Oh well. If they're not going to help, they'll just have to be satisfied with what I do on my own.

We're having a few issues with A.J. She is sort of tri-lingual, if you don't count the one she made up. The problem is that she won't duplicate a word in any language. If you ask her to say, "Cookie," she'll sign it. If you ask her to say, "Yes," it only comes out in Spanish. If you ask her to say, "yellow," that's what you get. We're looking at it as a temporary technological glitch, but we're working on it.

Beyond that, God is good, all the time!

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