Saturday, April 17, 2010

Driving School for Parents

Since I have a child entering driving school soon, I was wondering why they don't have a driving school for the parents of soon-to-be-licensed teens. Certainly there are a few things that we need to learn, too. The DMV could make a mint with a required parent-of-new-drivers course. Here are some suggestions for material that such a course might cover:

• How to remain calm while hurtling down the road with a teen at the wheel
• How to scream in muted, non-threatening tones during high pressure situations
• How to avoid duress while your teen parallel parks for the first time between a jaguar and Mercedes Benz
• How to bribe your spouse into riding shotgun in your place
• How to install an ejection seat in your car for quick escapes

And last but not least...

• How to pray effectively as a parent of a driving teen

(Somehow people forget all about that separation of church and state business when there's a teen behind the wheel. Same tendency when they're in a jet with engine trouble.)


  1. You have such wonderful, responsible, cool-headed kids. Susan will do GREAT! Relax! Of course that is easy for me to say, Caleb has another five to six years. :)

  2. Truth be told, I am looking forward to Susan becoming licensed almost as much as she is. It will be so convenient to have a third driver around! Kathryn isn't too interested in it at this point, but she'll probably feel more like it once Susan is through the course.

  3. By the way, Nathan wants his license now, and doesn't see why they don't give them to twelve-year-olds.

  4. Some kids at twelve are more responsible and ready then those at sixteen! I would feel more comfortable with Nathan behind a wheel then a lot of others kids I've seen.

    When I turned twelve I started a countdown to when I could drive. I even picked out my car!